For those who are interested in environmental issues. Liberte Du Monde Gourmet is a company that strives to be as carbon neutral as possible. As a business, it is difficult but important. As a small business it can be cost prohibitive. Here are a few points to help my customers understand how I have brought reduce, reuse and recycle into my business. 1. I have always offered 100% post consumer material paper shopping bags. From day one. 7 years this June. 2. 100% of the containers my products are packaged in are reusable and recyclable. Some are even compostable. 3. 85% of my shipping materials are reclaimed from orders I receive. 4. The packing peanuts I use to cushion your orders for shipping are all water soluble. They are made from corn byproducts. 5. I offer refills, for a reduced price for all of my glass containers. It is in the hope that you will reuse them. 6. If you receive an order from me and it has paper products involved, ie. Tissue paper, cardboard box or paper bags, those are all created with post consumer products. 7. I give rewards to my customers who reuse their Liberte Du Monde shopping bag to shop again at my booth. 8. My vendors that I use to procure materials for my business are independent, 80% are family owned, 98% are independently operated, and 75% use post consumer paper products where ever they can. 9. I strive everyday to bring as much recycled, reusable, biodegradable, and reclaimed materials to my business as possible. It isn't an easy or simple task with a food based business. So many government restrictions and regulations. 10. In my shop that will be opening in Detroit this year, you will find reusable building materials, upcycled materials, sustainable and recyclable materials. It is a labor of love and so many of the materials were created in the United States. All important points to me and hopefully to you as well. Thank you for all of your support and appreciation. I look forward to many years of both to come. I will always bring you the highest quality of everything I sell. #climatechange #isreal #love #consciousness#consciousspending #mindfulbuying #reduce#reusereducerecycle #gratefulandappreciative